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kingsbury_lietomeI’m a big fan of free music, and given that you’re reading an mp3 blog I’m guessing you are too.  As a fan, free music is pretty darned awesome, but for the creator I’m still not entirely sure what it achieves.  Allowing blogs to post a couple of tracks off a current album is certainly a great way to generate some interest in the release (provided, of course, that the music is good enough) but when it comes to giving away an entire catalogue I’m not so sure.

Orlando band Kingsbury have done just that.  Along with their new EP Lie To Me, you can download everything they’ve ever recorded completely gratis from their website.  Supposedly the only area of the music “industry” that’s making any money at the moment is the live sector, and presumably Kingsbury are hoping the promise of free music will generate new fans who’ll pay to see their shows.  Not a business plan I’d use myself, and certainly not one that’s doing anything at all to help “revalue” recorded music, which is surely what those of us on the “creative” side of things should be endeavoring to achieve.

But business and ethics aside, Lie To Me is, well, okay, I guess… I’d be more enthusiastic, but sadly it left me a little cold.  The production is fine, the arrangements are fine, and ultimately there’s nothing specifically wrong with it, but the songs just didn’t engage me in the slightest.  What makes this frustrating (and in the end what makes it worthy of a review) is that they clearly have the potential to be great.  All the elements involved could make for a spectacular EP, if only they had some clear and focused ideas.  As it is, the songs are too rambling and indulgent.  With the “sound” these guys have gone for, which is sparse and atmospheric, they need songs that can tie all the elements together and drive them to a common goal.  The songs they have got, however, merely trot along at the same meandering pace as the arrangements, resulting in a record that so very nearly could be fantastic, but in reality sounds like a band still searching for the creative spark that will hopefuly drive them forward.

Kingsbury – Back in the Orange Grove

Kingsbury – Lie To Me

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  1. Real clean sounding and I agree that these guys definitely have some potential there. I’d like to hear this guys put some intensity into “Lie to Me.”

  2. i really want to love this. i really should. it’s right up my street. but i’m not quite there. or they’re not quite there. either way. i hope we both get there as it’s got real potential.

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