Little Lion Man: Mumford and Sons

MumfordAndSons_LittleLionManThis band has been scooting round the periphery of my musical awareness for quite a while now.  With good reviews from all sorts of blogs that I respect I should really have made an effort to get into them sooner.  Alas, it actually took a chance encounter at Radio One to alert me to the fact that this band are actually very good.  Radio One, of all places! Christ alive, I never thought I’d see the day.  Anyway, Mumford and Sons had recorded on of R1’s Live Lounge sessions, and the track that hooked me in was Little Lion Man – despite the fact that a substantial part of the chorus had been muted due to excess profanity.

The day after this accidental R1 experience I listened to a session/interview that the band had recorded for The Waiting Room online radio show.  Again, it was excellent, and again it was Little Lion Man that stood out.  It turns out that I actually already had the band’s  EP Love Your Ground – featuring Little Lion Man – in my iTunes library, but hadn’t taken the time to listen to it.  A shocking oversight, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, Mumford and Sons first full-length, Sigh No More, comes out on the 5th – when I will most certainly buying it.

(amendment: uh oh, looks like I’m getting some “copyright violation” action, so there’ll be no mp3s for a bit… if you’re desperate to hear Mumford and Sons I highly recommend checking out the session they did for The Waiting Room – see link above)

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