It’s only been about five months since I switched this blog over from to my own hosting, and since that heralded the first redesign of the site in its four-year history it probably seems a little soon to be changing the look of Eaten by Monsters yet again. The reasons for this new layout are partly aesthetic - my skills with CSS styling have come on leaps and bounds since the last redesign - but mostly this change is for functional reasons.

The switch to self-hosting meant that I could finally install proper Google Analytics and move away from the primary-colours feedback I could get through Seeing more realistic visitor figures was a shock, to be sure, and I finally realized exactly how much Wordpress had been sugar-coating my feedback stats. Mercifully the power of self-hosting meant I was able to make substantial changes to the architecture of this site at every level, and so the work began.

The New Look

What you see on your screen now (as of April 2013) are the fruits of my labours over the last few weeks. I’ve been furiously coding and trying my best to get to grips with concepts that were previously a mystery to me. This new site is faster, leaner, more semantic, and more search-engine-friendly. It’s also, to a degree, more responsive. The design now reshuffles itself to best suit the resolution of the viewers screen, provided you’re not using anything smaller than a 7” tablet (go ahead, resize your browser and see for yourself).

There will, inevitably, be a few bugs and problems that crop up as the new design settles into place, but I intend to keep on top of them and keep disruption to a minimum. So please be forgiving if you encounter any ‘page not found’ errors, and if you’re feeling really helpful you can drop me a line at *tom at thisdomain* to tell me about anything that’s broken.