Cool Kids: The Steelwells

The Steelwells' Cool Kids cover

Here’s some lively, cheerful and remarkably assured pop music for your delectation. The Steelwells are a five piece from the states and they tell me this EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered all their own fair hands. I must say I’m impressed at how full a sound they’ve managed to craft.

As well as having a great aesthetic, the songs themselves are also rather fine, and not only that, but all four songs are of equally great quality. Getting one of these elements up to scratch is an impressive enough feat, but to get both up to such a high level marks The Steelwells out as definite ‘ones to watch’.

All the songs fit into much the same space emotionally and sonically, but that’s not a complaint. At just four tracks long, Cool Kids is a little gem of pure pop joy that’s just long enough to plant it’s smiling face right up in yo’ grill. They’re genrously offering the EP as a free download, so be sure to get yourself a copy and experience the fun firsthand.

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