The UK Blog Sound poll is an important marker in the Eaten by Monsters musical calendar, but not for the reason most people would assume. It’s true that every year I become exponentially less interested in the BBC’s Sound Of [the upcoming year] poll, which used to be something I followed with rapt attention. It’s also true that my excitement at being invited to vote in the first of these Blog Sound polls three years ago was mainly due to my feeling that the BBC list was irrelevant and needed replacing.

I’ve changed my mind.

The UK Blog Sound 2014

I still think the BBC list is boring, but that’s just because few of the nominees come from my increasingly niche areas of interest. The winners of the BBC poll invariably are successful in the following year. Heck, even I’ve come to love Haim (last year’s winners). And there’s no denying the Blog Sound poll has always styled itself as a compliment to the BBC list – a chance for UK bloggers to highlight their more obscure and less financially-backed picks for artistic success – and generally the two operations manage a fair bit of longlist overlap.

So why, given that their aims (and often results) are so similar, do I find the Blog Sound list exciting when the BBC one bores me to tears?

For starters, it’s because the Blog Sound list often has music in it that I actually like, but there is a wider more philosophical reason. In short, it’s because where the BBC selection confirms my worst fears about insider trading, self-fulfilling prophecies, and nepotism that plague the future of the music industry, the UK Blog Sound selection proves my best hopes for the future of music.

What makes the Blog Sound poll really interesting is the breadth of submissions. I’ve yet to see the full list of acts nominated, but I hear it follows the trend set by the last two years; very few of us voted for the same acts. That explains the crossover with the Beeb’s list. When just a single vote or two is all that stands between an act making or not making the longlist, the ones who do lift themselves above the noise are inevitably going to be the ones that have been heard by the most people. This list isn’t about the winners, it’s all about the strength (conceptually speaking) of the UK blog scene: we’re all ploughing our own furrows, championing our own tastes, and generally exactly what most of us set out to do.

This Year’s Nominees

So on that positive note, here are this year’s nominees for the UK Blog Sound 2014 poll. There’s some good stuff in this list, and predictably the worst ones have also made the BBC’s list (though you can explore that list without any help from me).

The Voting Panel

And here’s the full list of my illustrious compatriots in this noble enterprise. Thanks go to Robin from Breaking More Waves for all the hard work he’s put into organizing this poll.

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