Many moons ago I used to play in a band called Eaten by Monsters. We worked hard and earned a few reviews. Most were good, some were indifferent and a few were outright nasty. But despite the critical acclaim, we never quite hit the big-time. I have yet to headline the main stage at Glastonbury, and the band is long-dead.

Good names are hard to find, and ones with an available '.com' are rarer still. The idea of a music-review site began as a university project back in 2008. It soon outgrew its position as an academic exercise, earning sole-ownership of the name. The Eaten by Monsters music blog was born.

It never ceases to amaze me that this little blog gets so much attention from new bands. It has always been a privilege to hear the great work that some of you are up to. And being trusted to impart a public opinion is always flattering. If you want your music featured on these pages, check out the submission guidelines.

What gives gave me the right?

My background is music based, first as a player then later as an academic. I studied at Westminster University for my BMus and Goldsmiths College for my MA. I've struggled to get reviews, and then sought therapy (a.k.a. whisky) when I actually got them. I've been on the other side of the transaction.

I think there lies within me the ability to empathize with those that seek my opinion. Of course I may not always act on that empathy. I can at times be rather scathing when pouncing upon flaws in the music of others.

That said, none of that means much. The only thing that gives me any authority to write reviews is simple: I write them. I don't need permission, and for better or worse people read them.