Emile Bernard: The Way

Great sound from a suave new songsmith.

  • Label: Self Released
  • Format: single
  • Buy this record: Soundcloud
Rating: 6.9 out of 10
The cover image of The Way by Emile Bernard

Dickensian scally Emile Bernard has released a video for his new single, due out in December. I’m pleased to report that the track itself, The Way, is a very impressive three minutes of indie songsmithery. The sound of a slightly distorted bass guitar is one I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, and coupled with the obligatory jangly guitars and assertive drumming it lends The Way an urgency and imperative that lifts the track to a level not often reached by the many indie-wannabes that land in my inbox. I’ve spent more time than I ought to lately mucking about with my Bass Big Muff π, and this blend of bass, guitar, drums and voice is exactly the sound I’ve been striving towards. So in a way I’m frustrated that Emile Bernard has succeeded where I have failed, but it sounds so good that mostly I’m just glad to hear it.

And for any of you thinking “hang on, I thought Émile Bernard was one of the post-impressionists?” one look at his twitter avatar will show you where frontman Paolo came by the inspiration for his band’s nom de geurre.

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