Jonnie Common: JWC008

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
The cover image of JWC008 by Jonnie Common

There's nothing Jonnie Common has made that I don't like. There's something about his folksy lo-fi charm married with his exquisite electronic noodling that just hits all the right spots for me. His Master of None LP was as close to perfect as albums get, and this new release is yet another strong addition to his canon.

What really piqued my interest, however, was the gimmicky way this 19 minute EP is presented. JWC008 comes as a screenprinted glass badge. I'm always wrestling with ways to combine the physical and digital sides of music. The fact that mp3s are just so convenient is unavoidable, but there's something about holding a record in your hands that just feels, well, better. And it doesn't have to be an actual record, either; I find myself buying tapes that I know I'll never actually play because they come with a download, but simply having the physical artefact means I instantly have a stronger connection with the music.

JC obviously knows this, and also knows that as long as you can touch it, the medium itself is largely irrelevant (finally, a decent counter to Marshall McLuhan). His solution is certainly elegant, as you can clearly see if you watch his charming promotional video, but I'm still not sure if this kind of trinket is a long-term answer to the question. Either way I think my badge is a lovely thing to own, and although the whole thing would fall on its head if the music wasn't any good, it's Jonnie Common, so of course the music is fantastic.

You can pick up a badge for yourself on the website for Keny Drew, who helped JC with this project, for the princely sum of £7, and you can even choose your own colour. Go buy one!

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