Life: See The Light

The distorted bass in the chorus of this song is simply fantastic.

  • Label: Big Ship Records
  • Format: single
  • Buy this record: Band's website
Rating: 6.8 out of 10
The cover image of See The Light by Life

London band Life are a new four-piece hoping to make a mark with their debut single, See The Light. Taken from an upcoming EP – Elixir, released in June – if See The Light is indicative of the rest of their output we may have stumbled upon something very special here.

There are an awful lot of solo tune-smiths about at the moment, who all seemingly specialize in placing their thin vocal performances over a bedding of ephemeral electronica and sampled rhythms. But for a slightly more nuanced vocal, you might be forgiven for thinking this track is yet another one of those. Mercifully we're proven wrong pretty quickly, and as the band kicks in things really take off. All the sounds are warped and distorted and tweaked to the point where it's hard to hear a traditional ‘band’ at work, but what really lifts this track is the energy and the dynamism that can only come from human players.

The combination of clear vocals, fuzzy bass, and rough-as-sandpaper drums builds a compelling aesthetic, and if the rest of Life's music is in a similar vein to See The Light then this single – released as a free download on May 27th – could well be the start of something very interesting indeed.

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