Nightjar: The Moth Trap

Rating: 7.0 out of 10


Yet another bl**dy scotch indie/folk/whatever band! There must be something in the water up there, as this is the latest in what's becoming a long list of great albums to emerge from that neck o' the woods...

Nightjar set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by presenting a much more stripped-back, rootsy sound. You could almost be forgiven for thinking it's of Appalachian origin, such is the strong bluegrass flavour that tints most of the songs.

The Moth Trap has apparently been kicking around for quite a while, but has just recieved an offical release on Song, by Toad Records (you can get your mits on your own copy here). As an interesting aside; it features some guest guitar playing from Kris Drever, who's current band was the subject of my very first CD review for these hallowed pages...

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Nightjar - Poor Man's Son

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