Atlas Genius: Trojans

Joyous indie-pop from Aussie duo Atlas Genius

  • Label: National Anthem
  • Format: EP
  • Buy this record: label website
Rating: 8.4 out of 10
The cover image of Trojans by Atlas Genius

National Anthem are clearly a project to keep a weather-eye on. Flushed with their end-of-year successes with Haim and Chvrches, the boutique singles label have now secured the release of an EP by Aussie duo Atlas Genius.

The song Trojans itself has gained quite a bit of traction state-side, and the band will be releasing their debut long-player at the end of the month. A couple of days before that, however, you can get the UK release of the track on it's own EP from the National Anthem website.

If ridiculously expensive limited-edition vinyl releases are your thing (and they certainly are mine) then the NA page is definitely one to add to your bookmarks, but you need to be quick - the Haim and Chvrches records are all sold-out, and I imagine the Atlas Genius record may go the same way in double quick time. This is indie electro-pop at its very best; a little slice of summer to stave off the hail and sleet.

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