Dan Croll: From Nowhere

A summer hit all year round.

  • Label: Racquet Records
  • Format: single
  • Buy this record: Band's website
The cover image of From Nowhere by Dan Croll

Based on the first few bars of organ you'd be forgiven for confusing this track with Metronomy's The Look, but once the guitar slides into the beat it becomes clear that this is a rather fine single all by itself. The title From Nowhere is aptly chosen as Dan Croll, the mastermind behind this sterling piece of work, appears to have sprung up 'from nowhere' fully formed. Armed only with a 7", an infectiously jolly video, and a great eye for visual design, he's beating a strong and steady path toward not inconsiderable success. There is another weapon in his arsenal, of course, and that's a corker of a debut single.

From Nowhere had me hooked as soon as the guitar line kicked in, and didn't let up until it was finished. The spring reverb and jaunty backbeat might mark the track out as a potential summer favourite, but it still doesn't feel out of place now the nights are drawing in.

Aside from this 7", there's not much known about Mr Croll. He's from Liverpool an. popped up on the Communion Records compilation, New Faces, back in April with a track called Marion; it's a nice enough tune, but it's definitely From Nowhere that's his masterpiece. If this song isn't a hit on the scale of Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks then the world is a deeply unfair place: go and buy it straight away.

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