The 1975: Sex

The cover image of Sex by The 1975

Another corker of a track from a band I'd never heard of until they landed in my inbox. This is the sort of song I always wanted to be able to write when I was in school. I was never this good, and I'm too old now to get away with this kind of thing, but I can still enjoy the energy and delivery that The 1975 inject into the whirling dervish of a single that is Sex.

The track stands up well enough on its own, but there's something to be gained from watching the video - the singer has given himself the most ridiculous rock-star haircut. Now, I know this doesn't have anything to do with the music, and I'm guessing you don't visit these pages for my Grazia-esque fashion insights, but is pertinent to the music, I assure you. If nothing else, it shows that this guy is committed to being a rock star; to have the nerve to do that to himself proves that the band is front-and-centre in his ambitions. And that's an essential part of this music; utter commitment, manic youthful energy.

Band photo of The 1975 by Rosie Hardy

Anyway, haircuts aside, this song is fantastic, and an exploration of their soundcloud page won't go unrewarded either. The record is released by Vagrant on the 20th November, and is available for pre-order through iTunes (although there's no sign of any physical release yet, which is a shame).

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