Haiku Salut: Los Elefantes

A lovely instrumental single from Darbishire trio Haiku Salut.

  • Label: How Does It Feel To Be Loved
  • Format: single
  • Buy this record: Band's website
Rating: 8.8 out of 10
The cover image of Los Elefantes by Haiku Salut

Pitched in the under-explored middle-ground between Mogwai and Yann Tiersen, Haiku Salut are a trio of Darbishire lasses with a mesmerizing sonic palate and a distinct francophile sensibility. And if the menu on their homepage is anything to go by they've got a good eye for a bad pun, too, which makes me like them even more.

There's an album in the works, called Ttricolore and out in March, but as a tantalizing foretaste they're giving away their track Los Elefantes as a free download.

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