Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name...

Welcome, my friends, welcome to the inaugural post for the Eaten by Monsters blog. I guess I should start with a bit of background info. to set the scene regarding the birth of this exciting venture.

Basically, I'm a sometime musician/student/fainéant who feels he has the right to hoist his opinions on the rest of the world, regardless of whether or not anybody'll actually listen...

A newborn baby, being held up "in-theatre" following a c-section

My band is called Eaten by Monsters (hence the blog's title) and you can find everything you'd ever want to know about us (and just a little bit more) here[1], which is not only my band's website, but also the website for my entire label. That's right, boys and girls, this cool cat's a high-flying executive in the world's smallest no-budget indie label, Bearfaced Records [RIP].

On my site I have a little journal (a.k.a. an uber pretentious blog) documenting all my musical adventures, and a few friends and I release a semi-regular podcast[2] charting the ups-and-downs of Bearfaced, along with some of the music/news/etc that's caught our attention at any particular time.

But yet I was still left wanting. I craved a more personal and informal forum for airing my views; and lo and behold; I started this blog.

Here I will write reviews of stuff I've come across in my voyages through the cultural ether, as well as rant about various news items that stir up the bile in my belly.

So enjoy!

N.B: I guess this post'd serve quite well in the About page, so I might Ctrl-C it over there too...

  1. 2013 update: the "prestigious" domain now belongs to this very site. The blog has been relatively successful, whereas the band was not. ↩︎

  2. the podcast and the label both died around the same time as my band. ↩︎

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